Why choose to learn the piano?

  • It has more notes and a wider range than most other instruments – the sounds range from very low to very high in pitch. Because of that it can play both melody and chords, sounding several notes at a time.
  • It is used in all genres – classical, jazz, pop etc. It is usually a solo instrument.
  • Students taking lessons at AGAPE need an “in tune” acoustic piano or a 6-8 octave digital piano which is touch sensitive.




Heather has been senior teacher and the co-ordinator of AGAPE since it began in 2004. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge and love of music, and helping others find enjoyment and a sense of fulfilment as they learn to play or sing. She believes music is a gift which needs to be shared.

Heather completed her formal education and music training in New Zealand - has a Bachelor of Music degree and Dip. Ed. from Auckland University, and A.T.C.L diploma in piano studies from Trinity College. She moved to Australia and taught music in high schools for many years before turning her attention to teaching piano.

She plays for church services, weddings, and funerals, and often accompanies young instrumentalists for music examinations. She is primarily a classical musician, but loves to teach a variety of music styles to her students.

Since the inception of AGAPE Heather has mentored and encouraged the younger tutors, and has done some training of senior students who will later take up tutoring positions at AGAPE or elsewhere.


Genesa teaches piano at AGAPE. She appreciates that AGAPE has good resources and that students are given opportunities to perform for parents and friends.

Genesa is currently teaching music at Picton High School after completing a Bachelor of Music and Master of teaching at UWS. She has taught piano for 8 years, and enjoys performing as a lead vocalist when gigging. Her favourite musician is Regina Spektor, and her favourite musical style is alternative pop.

Genesa is passionate about choirs and she has recently formed a women’s choir at St Johns Anglican church in Camden. She is hoping to collaborate with other choir directors and create various performance opportunities in the local community.


Tiffany teaches piano. Music is her passion – she loves to play the piano, and she enjoys seeing others grow to love to play and listen to music. She says “I have had quite a few other jobs, but my job as a piano teacher at AGAPE is the best one I have had”.

Tiffany has completed Grade 8 AMEB piano, and Grade 5 AMEB Musicianship. She has had many different experiences as a pianist, accompanying the Fishers Ghost orchestra when she was 15, competing in eisteddfods , accompanying a church choir and playing for weddings.

She likes everything from classical to jazz, from rock to dance music. Mozart is her favourite classical composer, and she’s a big fan of Bon Jovi and Queen.

Her interests other than music are Ceroc dancing (partner dancing similar to rock ‘n’ roll), making jewellery and shopping.