Guitar / Bass

Why learn guitar?

  • Why learn guitar?
  • It’s portable, and it’s a very popular instrument.
  • You can learn to play chords, or lead melodic lines, or a combination of both, in many different styles .
  • If you like to sing, you can sing and play for yourself, or you can play for another singer. Rhythm and lead guitarists are always in demand in contemporary bands. Acoustic guitars are ideal when you want to chill out and relax.
  • Tutors at AGAPE teach the foundations which can then be used on acoustic or electric guitars, in many different styles.
  • AGAPE tutors recommend starting on an acoustic guitar which must be the correct size for the student.


Why learn bass?

  • It’s one of the “foundation” instruments in a contemporary band – like the foundations of a house. It provides the bass notes of the chords and some great “fills” in funky rhythms.
  • It is mainly used in bands and with other guitars, but can be played with backing trax and other recorded music.



Steven began his association with AGAPE as a student, where he was taught trumpet by Michael Dench and guitar and bass by Ross James. He then started teaching alongside Ross, before being assigned his own students. He has been guitar and bass tutor at AGAPE for three years. He is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Music degree at UWS.

Steven enjoys fusions of different musical styles.

His main interest apart from music is travelling and experiencing different cultures. He has had two amazing holidays recently – one to Hong Kong, and the other to New Caledonia.


Tom is an experienced guitar tutor, and has been teaching at AGAPE for seven years. He enjoys passing on his love of music in a safe, caring, Christian environment. He plays regularly in worship bands at Camden Uniting Church.

Tom started learning trumpet in primary school, and continued playing that instrument whilst at high school. He first picked up a guitar in year 9 and loved it!

He likes many different styles of music, especially acoustic, rock and blues. He enjoys listening to the solo repertoire of Jon Foreman, and groups such as Switchfoot, Gungor and Hillsong United.

Tom is currently doing a PhD at the University of Wollongong. He is exploring aspects of coastal evolution on the NSW South Coast over the past 7000 years.

He is married to a beautiful young woman, Elizabeth Wilson. Both Tom and Elizabeth are involved in music ministry for Sunday services at Camden Uniting church, and they also head up the music for Youth group on Friday nights.

Tom’s other interests are surfing , mountain bike riding and other outdoor activities.


Gavin teaches guitar and bass at AGAPE. He began learning guitar when he was very young, probably as young as 3 years of age. He recently turned 21 and he says, “throughout all those years music and my guitar have brought me a great sense of joy, and it has been a safe haven for me to express myself.” He teaches music now because he wants to help other people find that joy in their own lives.

Gavin has been involved in playing guitar and bass in youth and church ministry for 10 years, and he has also been on band tours and done some session work. Before teaching at AGAPE, he taught at a music studio in Campbelltown.

He enjoys all styles of music, especially country and blues, and the occasional One Direction song. One musician he looks up to is Keith Urban. Gavin’s interests apart from music are ministry to youth, fashion, and basketball. He admires Kobe Bryant the basketball champion.