Why learn to play the drums?

  • A set of drums is a percussion instrument which gives expression to the beat and rhythm that is within us all.
  • Drummers can choose to play along with recordings of their favourite songs, or they can team up with a guitarist or keyboard player and vocalist to make music together.
  • Bands all need a good drummer! Learning to play many and varied beats and rhythms correctly with the right technique, is great preparation for playing with a band.
  • A student can learn on an acoustic kit or an electronic kit . An electronic kit has the advantage of being able to be played through head phones.



Matt has returned to AGAPE to teach drums after a break for a couple of years. He teaches drums because he wants to give people an opportunity to discover how much can be achieved if they just “give it a try”. He also sees drum teaching as an avenue to mentor his students in drumming and in living life.

Matt has 11 years experience as a drummer and 8 years as a drum tutor. His performance experience includes being the drummer for Elderslie High School musicals “Henry VIII”, “Back to the 80’s”, and “West Side Story”, and performing live music at the Enmore Theatre, Metro Theatre and Seymour Centre in Sydney.

His formal qualifications are Certificates Levels 1-4 in Contemporary Drums from the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board ), and a Bachelor of Popular Music, Performance and Entertainment degree from JMC Music Academy in Surry Hills.

Matt likes all musical styles and tries to be as versatile as possible. His favourite band is Muse, and he looks up to Dominic Howard, their drummer.

Matt says that his love of music overrides everything else – he loves to play music, compose music and listen to music. His other interests are surfing, filming, bushwalking, movies, video games and technology.

Ric teaches drums at AGAPE. He started learning music when he was 8 or 9, and began playing drums when he was 11. He studied the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) Contemporary Drum course Steps 1, 2 and 3. Ric loves to perform, whether it be for a full rehearsed set, or a funky jam – he is an entertainer at heart. He has been performing regularly for 5 years.

Ric really enjoys teaching as well as performing. He says teaching is good fun, and he gets a kick out of seeing his students gain in confidence and skill on the drum kit. He has been teaching for nearly 3 years. His favourite musical style is pop rock and he enjoys listening to The Strokes and the Jimi Hendrix Experience rock band. Ric’s interests apart from music are reading books and surfing at the beach.