About Us


Unearthing Gifts - Nurturing Talents - Inspiring Excellence



We believe that music can enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities.

We offer experiences in music to people of all ages, races and creeds.



AGAPE is a ministry of Camden Uniting Church. It is a "not for profit" organisation which is passionate about inviting the community into the world of music.

  • Tuition at AGAPE takes place in a caring Christian environment.

* Tutors aim to help students unearth their musical gift, and to inspire them to grow and develop as they reach for excellence on the instrument they have chosen

* Lessons are given during state school terms,and are one on one with the tutor.

* All lessons take place on the premises of Camden Uniting Church, cnr of John & Mitchell St, Camden, NSW 2570.

  • Workshops/Master classes/Seminars are offered from time to time

  • The "P" in AGAPE stands for "performance".


* Students are encouraged to perform at the annual AGAPE Student Performance

* Students are encouraged to take part in informal performance nights such as AGAPE's GOT TALENT, and DRUM & GUITAR JAM Nights.



* AGAPE presents/ hosts concerts by local and visiting musicians two or three times a year.